python-icat — Python interface to ICAT and IDS

The ICAT server is a metadata catalogue to support Large Facility experimental data, linking all aspects of the research chain from proposal through to publication. It provides SOAP and RESTful web service interfaces to an underlying database.

python-icat is a Python package that provides a collection of modules for writing programs that access an ICAT service using the SOAP interface. It is based on Suds and extends it with ICAT specific features.

The most important features include:

  • Provide clients for ICAT and IDS.

  • Keep the general structure and flexibility of Suds.

  • Define Python classes to represent the entity object types from the ICAT schema.

  • Read configuration from various sources, such as command line arguments, environment variables, and configuration files.

  • Build JPQL expressions to search the ICAT server.

  • Dump and restore ICAT content to and from a flat file. This is suitable as a general ingestion tool to ICAT.

python-icat supports ICAT server 4.4 and newer.

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